reperformance: MDM B. NIYAAN

MDM B. NIYAAN is a performative rite set in the program of an exercise-cum-exorcism to release the pain and anger from a frustrated love affair. It features Mdm B. Niyaan, one of the artist’s alter egos who is also his archetype of the demented abandoned lover. Her name is a play on the Cebuano word "Biniyaan" for abandoned. Still in the skirt of her wedding gown, Mdm B. Niyaan is caught in a state of perpetual yearning, waiting, and emotional pain. The exercise allows her to manifest such a state, saving the artist the time, energy, and social disgrace to do so in the real world. The steps within exercise depict her creation as an alter ego to the artist: revealing history, the nuances of her present sentiments, and clues to her future. The narrative employs Butoh, poetry, music, video, and audience participation. 

NOVEMBER 28 SATURDAY performance starts @ 8PM PINEAPPLE LAB 6071 r. palma street, makati TIX P 300 for reservations call (02) 834 5763 or text robbie 09176289267