After its first two runs at the Diwata Galeri in Kukuk’s Nest, Talamban, Cebu and Carlos Celdran’s Living Room in Malate, Manila, Happy, the latest performance narrative offering off Russ Ligtas’s studio, the Mouth’s Cradle is back in Cebu exclusively at Crispin Ramos’ Bantawan Sugbu Theater , presented by The Hobo Hobo Group and the Cebu Performing Co.

Happy is color. It’s strings pull the ends of a mouth to form a genuine smile. The silver in its raiment reflect sparkles of illuminated eyes. Happy is a song, a yawp of freedom echoing in the mountains. Happy is the dolphin in a dream that keeps you company in the wide open sea. But Happy is lost- or its human is. Either way, they have been separated. Its human might not even recognize it anymore but Happy will not stop its search because among other things, Happy is also hope.

On 6th of October 2009- Happy was born in room 229, a space subdivided into four studios for the Fine Arts students of the University of the Philippines. On that same night and place, “XO?” Performance Art Group was staging a show entitled Please Don’t Talk To The Natives. Happy was born a healthy glob of color in the second space to the left but was unfortunately given away by its birth parent –its human. Since, Happy has been in search of its elusive counterpart, wandering the cities, splashing and sharing its colorful essence wherever its path leads. Featuring collaborations with local musicians, photographers, and the audience, the HAPPY. show employs interactivity throughout its creation and its actual staging. Musician and artist Budoy as well as dancer/choreographer Marius Centino will be performing individual pieces as preludes to the show.

For one-night only, the show begins at 8 o’ clock in the evening on Tuesday December 13, 2011 at the Bantawan Sugbu Theater, 91 Visitacion St., Cebu City.  Tickets @ Php100 . Limited Seating. Please book  your seats in advance. Email whereisyourhappy@gmail.com or call/text 09052699969. Click [here] for a map to Bantawan Sugbu Theater.