We battle stars,
we battle scars
We gravitate toward
lovely wars inside
lonely little bars
where we
start explosions,
mini creations,
big bangs
under our shirts,
under our skirts
where it hurts like hell
because we’re laughing too hard
and crying too hard
and fighting too hard.
We are warriors
we give all
and take all
and take in all
and more
and we are whores too.
We sell our bodies and souls
for a clue
for a song
for a laugh
for love
or even just something
like love
because we can afford it
we can afford 
to play
to sway
and to stay
when the leaving begins,
when the silence sinks in
and when the noise closes in
on us.
We fight
with clenched fists
bearing light
because we battle stars
we battle scars
night after night
after night
until that final night
where we all have to stand
a battle star exploding,
a battle scar
across the black sky.


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