Time: October 19, 2011
Space: Handuraw Gorordo, Cebu
Collaborators: Chai Fonacier, Raymund Fernandez
"I Miss You So" by Chris Connor, performed by Paul Anka
"Rokudan-No-Shirabe" Traditional Japanese Koto Music
Video Documentation: Mark Gary (to be released)
Photo Documentation: Faye Seña

The THREE LULLABIES triptych performance show debuts three performances inspired by specific time frames of the artist's confrontations with mortality, insomnia, and shared guilt. The ontologies of which are contained in a single night:

12:01 am
Lullaby of the Lifeless
with Chai Fonacier

Visions from Way Past at Midnight.
A different kind of haunting takes place in this imagining of the afterlife: a dead figure is racked with memories from his previous life triggered by the memories of the living. The performance uses a 1950’s song to illustrate the cyclical nature of the imagined afterlife.

a fluke among flukes reprise. photo by Faye Seña 
2:24 am
A Fluke Among Flukes Reprise
with Raymund Fernandez

Nocturnal Visitations and Epiphanies.
This performance takes off from the installation Facing Extinction and the video installation/performance featured in it titled A Fluke Among Flukes which was first performed without an audience on an unfinished coastal walkway in Lilo-an, Cebu. The reprise begins as a rumination on the plight of a non-human people- cetaceans. The piece preludes PROJECT TAIJI, a series of performances at the site of the dolphin slaughter. This year’s dolphin slaughter season in Taiji, Japan began last September and will continue until the end of March 2012. 

Laylay ni Mortisio (Mortisio's Lullaby). photo by Faye Seña

4:05 am
Laylay ni Mortisio (Mortisio's Lullaby)

Grim Dreams Waking Horrors.
This dance tells of the apprehensions that visit the mind before achieving sleephood. Mortisio is still awake at 4:05 and his mind is full of inconvenient realities. He cannot sleep but when he finally does, he dreams of death and wakes up to the reality of consciousness.

Laylay ni Mortisio (Mortisio's Lullaby). photo by Faye Seña