"Have you seen my human?"

The Birth of Happy.

October 6th 2009- Happy was born in room 229, a space subdivided into four studios for the Fine Arts students of the University of the Philippines. On that same night and place, “XO?” Performance Art Group was staging a show entitled “Please Don’t Talk To The Natives”. Happy was born a healthy glob of color in the second space to the left but was unfortunately given away by its birth mother –its human. Over the years, Happy has been in search of his human, wandering the cities and splashing and sharing his colorful essence wherever his path leads.

Happy's Progress. (clockwise from top left) 2009 to present

Happy is color. That unique color inherent in every human born. Happy’s strings pull the ends of a mouth to form a genuine smile. The silver in his raiment reflect sparkles of illuminated eyes. Happy is also a song, a yawp of freedom echoing in the mountains. But Happy is lost- or his human is. Either way, they have been separated. His human might not even recognize him anymore but Happy will not stop his search. Because among other things, Happy is also hope.

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