In dog we trust

Go to bed

Let the dogs do the barking

Let them do the howling

for you

They can take it

Their hearts are smaller

but they beat faster

They can take the cold

and the dark

and the mystery of night

Let them lick the wounds of the day

Their tongues are softer

and easier on the skin

They are better at it

It will not take them long

Let them dig through the dirt

and uncover the spoils

Their courage is purer

and more potent

They can take whatever horror

rises from the depths of the black earth

Hide under cover of their warm coats

and sing yourself a lullaby

If they become silent

It is only because they are listening

to you,

for you

Now rest in the innocence of their eyes

and close yours as easy

as they stand guard



certain that the sun will return

in the morning,

that the mourning will end.