Introducing Mdm B. Niyaan

After embracing the art of Butoh, visual artist and now Cebu’s only Butoh dancer, Russ Raniel Ligtas continues with his artistic evolution in a new set of performances entitled “Mdm B. Niyaan”. The show will feature one of the alter-egos Ligtas employs in his various performances that lead him to appropriate Butoh as another artistic medium.

Butoh rose in 1950s Tokyo-Japan, when Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno pioneered a certain technique of intimate and haunting dances. Butoh strikingly dwells more on the relationship of the performer’s body with his soul; his subconscious in an exhibition of usually slow and controlled movements. Naturally evasive of a fixed definition, Butoh has spread across the world and entices performers and audience alike. Ligtas draws himself to this raw experience, and has since been relaying his ideas through the obscure but captivating art form.

“Mdm B. Niyaan” is an autobiographical piece in three parts titled “Fight”, “Struggle”, and “Surrender”. These three sections map out a series of events from a specific period and aspect of the artist as a lover rendered in a collection of Butoh dances, interactive performances, and songs. The show will bring in Ligtas’ artistic roots and is infused with various elements of performance art and theatre.