I have decided

to make you my muse

on this hour

when not only houses

and streets and buildings

separate us

but foreign universes

alien lands

of different time scales

and physical laws

Tonight, you are my muse

going about your business

as you dwell in a world

entirely your own,

where probably

pigs fly above banana-made castles

surrounded by moats that flow

with deep dark chocolate

home to gummy crocodiles,

translucent multicolored reptiles

licked by the light of a lollipop moon-

And you,

perhaps framed by a window

in a tower higher than a mile

Yes, you

beaming a cheshire cat smile-

glowing, beckoning

a beacon

I look to your face

so I can keep typing

so I can keep writing

because you are my muse

I cannot refuse

to choose you-

now, at least for now

Maybe not tomorrow

but certainly, definitely

on this hour, on this night

in this reality, I write

for you,

my muse


unaware of your new calling

Unaware of me,

houses, and streets, and buildings



but dreaming-

as you are.