In the air

So it's valentines
and love is in the air,
where the fuck is my pair?
my inbox is bare
i still sit and stare
glued to a chair
scrolling scrolling through my daily facebook fare
Let's see:
married married
in a relationship in a relationship
it's complicated
the single ones are ugly as shit
should i say it? am i gonna say it?
you know what i mean,
it's not fucking fair!
hearts everywhere;
paper hearts, cardboard hearts,
plastic ones etcetera
que sera sera
just doesn't work anymore does it?
so where is he
where is she
where is it
is he there
is she there
is it there
are you there
are you there
are you there?

man this is boring,
so exhausting,
more exhausting
than jerking
off to porn streaming,
perpetually buffering



but never coming

yeah it's valentines day
and love is in the air-