Go Green Love

You there in your go green shirt

smiling like you’ve just been hurt

I know that smile, it’s called

Staying alive staying alive

Ah ah ah ah staying aliiiiiiiiiiive-

I know,

Love hurts but your ex is not all that

Ditching you like that,

Leaving you like that -you

pretty face you

heartthrob you

sexy eyes you

dramatize, internalize

what I’ve done and been through

It maybe a long time ago, but yeah I was there too

I know how it feels to be dumped without a clue

They say they don’t deserve you

Or "you’re too good for me boo"

When what they really mean is "I’m tired of fucking you!"

And I know you’ve been looking at me,

looking for me too

But please baby don’t do unto others

what you don’t want others to do unto you

The last time you texted me and I showed up,

you didn’t know what to do-

with me

yeah me

hey, it’s me

didn’t you see me?

Hey, remember me, you asked for me?

But I’m still here baby,

looking at you

You know I’m a sucker for you

Your smile’s a sight I just can’t say no to

One day I'll glide my fingers across your future tattoo

You know the one that says you love me too?

I wanna kiss you and feel you and see what's inside you

I wanna react, make contact, and contract you like an STD or a flu

And I wanna bend for you and break condoms with you

hell I’ll even break dance for you

If I could just dance with you-

again, without you keeping your distance of ten

steps and more and more as you leave

without saying goodbye, but it doesn’t really matter

'cause you didn’t even say hi

and you say you don’t remember cause you had too many Tanduay

Ice’s, Baby I’m a Pisces,

I’m a romantic, poetic, and yes masochistic

neurotic, artistic, my style is ballistic

Bring it on baby, you can’t ever make me sick

And you can be a prick or at times juvenile

so act like a child, hell I’ll be your pedophile

How’s it gonna be baby, when’s it gonna be?

Shall I count from one to three,

Or wait for you to tell me, tell me

quando quando quando quan –do?

And I'll wait

and while I wait

for you in your go green shirt over there

I imagine my nose buried in your hair

not your head stupid but you know, down there?

Come on baby, what are you waiting for?

You don't need a go signal , your shirt says it all

Dance with me, leave with me, get off that damn chair

It's time for us to put love back in the air.