The Waking of Lazaruss - An Open Invitation to Participate

Mouth's Cradle is in the process of mounting a ceremonial performance dubbed The Waking of Lazaruss before the day of the dead on November second. The ritual will include nine direct participants that represent each of the following enneatypes:
  1. X the reformer
  2. X the helper
  3. X the achiever
  4. X the individualist
  5. X the investigator
  6. X the loyalist
  7. X the the idealist
  8. X the challenger
  9. X the peacemaker

Once all the roles are filled, the performance will happen on the planned date which is on the last Tuesday of October. Mouth's Cradle is calling on cradle rockers to participate in the said ceremony.If you are interested, please send a private message to Mouth's Cradle or Russ Raniel Ligtas on facebook or email and indicate which enneatype you wish to fill. A final invitation and sketch of the programme will be sent to the final nine participants. Types with X marks mean the type has been filled. Please share this note as well. Thank You and Thou Art.