everyone else is busy posting photos from the holidays and mumbling about returning to their jobs, I am packing my things to move back in with my parents.

I'm finally back home in Cebu from Camotes. My 5 day journey with milk brother Liyo has come to a close and I finally know what "riding the waves" feel like. I've been pushed to fear levels that concern a possible untimely exit. But hell, for a minute there, it felt like a rollercoaster ride. In the two trips, I sat on the same plastic bench beside the captain's deck. I found out that I am person who cannot stand not having the least idea of next thing to happen. I watched the waves in their fury or delight bullying the boat that seemed like rubber ducky in a bathtub with a toddler. Last night I shouted expletives until the u-turn back to camotes. Today I sang songs until we finally reached Danao, matching the high notes with the high waves, a different type of videoke.

Tonight I might dream of the sound the wind made that was more dreadful than the crash of the waves that played with our boat last night and today. Two days ago, I thought there was no lesson to be learned in Camotes, now I think the lesson was learning without having a lesson. Ride the waves people. Sleep tight and hold fast.