Old man-boy and a boy talking

Higher up,
the clouds and farther out, stars

He wasn't so sure-
even I could tell.

Billions of 'em
yeah- and they twinkle too

twinkle- what a funny a little word

Now, that is a building- pretty Las Vegas huh?
Reminds me of searchlights though-

Never really seen searchlights before

what are you doing here, anyway?
only rats your size are out at this time

Maybe I'm waiting for the skies to clear

at three in the morning?


Alright alright, but you were here last night-

Yes. How'd you know.

Kid, you're forgetting I'm you.
Anyway, stars were out last night.


You're not out for the stars.

Sure I am.

you know what I think you're waiting for?

Do I have a choice?

Searchlights, boy, the damn searchlights