dream # 307

Body, scattered in a cemetary by the beach

As if by the moon's command,

my bones rallied into a skeleton

I beat my chest, brandished my scars and

sounded the trumpet that was my throat.

From my mouth flew a royal kingfisher,

its wings were as large as an eagle's, flaming blue

I ran towards the open sea and chasing the burning bird

running on the seawater, barely touching the surface

under the glass-like field where i ran, i saw almost everyone i knew in my life

and they looked at me with flickering blue eyes, following my flight across the ocean

the kingfisher flew faster and faster but I remain close keeping my distance

chasing the endless horizon, we raced across calm seas and raging oceans

Finally, the sun streaked a finish line

the kingfisher flew faster now then ever before

until it's blue flame disappeard into the sun's rays

but i pressed on, the fastest i can this time,

and the line between ocean and sky quickly faded into a blinding white

i closed my eyes to the brightness, still racing forward

body fading, becoming one with the light.