To step outside in.

To charge at your retreating self. To be on the edge and all of the time - midway. To live with enough for a day in currency or soul. To move and to move still. To dream nine hours a day and to wake up to dreams when the day has done its share of sleeping. To sneak out of a conversation of three or four or more because the best way to say your piece is to shut up. To find that without your friends, you are still nothing also that you've grown enough not to mind. To find that lies are the bases of certain truths and that they are more dangerous than cigarettes. To find yourself talking to yourself about finding yourself talking to yourself. To see sunrise at dusk. To say goodbye to the sun in the morning. To be bone-naked as the moon after dark, when everyone else is under cover of sheets and arms, safe from all that everyone runs from at day. To catch a feather of a royal kingfisher in the heart of the city and to mourn its abdication. To understand a cat- to leave it to its solitude. To see that it is your mind that thins you out. To find pleasure in the need of eating. To flirt with the sky when everyone else is flirting with flesh. To fall in love with a closed door. To laugh alone like everybody's watching. To sing silently like everyone is listening. To write because the cursor is impatient. To realize that looking for reasons is ridiculous. To find the ridiculous reasonable. To give reasons because it is selfish not to. To leave because to stay is to wave goodbye.To run because music wants to be chased. To sit because the chair is lonely. To think because the mind needs purpose. To walk because running makes you forget. To make love with the rain. To be foolish because everyone thinks they are wise. To be stubborn because everyone is humble and proud of it. To lie because the truth is boring. To read because the pages need turning. To fight because fighting is exercise. To fly because angels no longer do. To frown because it is rude to smile. To smile because it is polite to frown. To love because hate is underrated. To hate because love is overrated. To swim because dolphins socialize. To dance with your self.To stand because everyone wants to sit.To sit when everyone is standing. To kneel because nobody does anymore.To pray because no one is listening. To listen. To close your eyes to the sound of alone. To find joy in the headlights of a car. To find the banal divine. To like liking because it is not loving.To dislike liking because it is not loving. To miss your parents and to not want to see them. To save your family from the disgrace of your vindication. To snore awake. To talk in your sleep talking to sleep. To stretch because everyone is folded. To fold because you cannot bend. To break because bending is less exciting. To shout because it is quiet. To whisper because it is too loud. To see glory in an honest convict. To ascend into your own abyss. To sink into another's heaven. To share experiences with a falling leaf.To follow the trail of a fallen coin. To watch smoke linger and to keep it company.To tread on grass and to apologize for each step. To climb a tree and to be and be and be. To steal like a monkey. To let go because jumping is exhilarating. To welcome the silence of pain. To say thank you to a scar. To know the meaning of no. To know that yes is sometimes meaningless. To love each step that takes you home. To have an affair with being away. To be a slave to your own feet. To master home. To knock on your own indifferent door and to enter anyway. To kiss your room with a big sigh.To go to bed because sleep needs you. To close the door because it is time to unfold.

For Larry