John Doyle Beltran picks up the phone and dials a number.
"Hey James... Listen, I'll leave my laundry up front for pick-up tonight. Deliver them back whenever you want, I don't mind if you do mine last this time." He puts the phone down, lights a cigarette and sits by the window. John Doyle's clothes are all in the hamper, ready for pick-up. All in the hamper- all of them.

That night, James- John Doyle's laundry guy, picked up the hamper from outside John Doyle's front door. As usual for James, the place was quiet and the lights were all out.

It was not until 4 days after that John Doyle was found. He lay in his bed with a half-smoked cigarette. He'd shaved off the left half of his head, his beard and his left eyebrow. The left half of his pubes were shaved off too as well as the rest of the hair from the left half of his body. A crumpled note written on a Mcdonald's receipt dated that day he called for laundry pick-up was shoved into his mouth:

I've taken the liberty of looking exactly as I am at least in my death.