The angels are coming.

"Dude why are you looking up? You've been standing here since this morning."
"The angels are coming."
"Yeah, right. Angels. Pffft."
"I'm telling you, they're coming."
"To save the world?"
"Then what for."
"Heaven is falling apart."
"Really, now."
"Nobody believes in heaven anymore, it's disintegrating. They're coming down to kill anyone who doesn't believe in them. Every single one."
"Hmmm. Dude, are you ok?"
"They're coming to kill anyone who doesn't believe they exist or they'll all disappear too."
"If that is so, then wouldn't their coming here make everyone believe they really exist?"
"That doesn't count. To believe is to know something exists even if you don't see it, even if you don't feel it."
"So looking up as if you're waiting for them would make them think you believe?"
"I don't know."
"I don't believe in angels but if I look up in the sky with you, would that save me?"
"Because you don't really believe. You're just looking up to save your skin. Besides, they'll see it in your eyes."
"So you believe in angels?"
"Yes. I'm looking up to see the spectacle of their coming. I want to see them the moment they appear. I wanna see them forming ranks before they descend and decapitate every non-believer. I wanna see that. "
"You're crazy. How'd you know all this anyway, the Bible? Where'd this story of yours come from?"
"Doesn't matter. You're normal, that's crazy."
"You've been out here since this morning, can't take a hint?"
"I know they're coming today. I don't know what time exactly but they're coming today."
"Whatever, dude. I'm gonna go for some pizza. Good luck with the angels."
"Good luck, too."
"Hey dude, what about God?"
"What about God?"
"Is God disintegrating too?"
"I don't know. Maybe. What time is it?"
"Quarter past three."
"Well, there you go."