msg received: 12-29-06

Let me tell you about the things
that keep me alive:

3 of your white undershirts
Neatly folded in my closet
scented a la your laundry shop

your black bathroom slippers
the perfect pair, hypo-allergenic
on my bathroom doorway

the bill for your fridge you had repaired
which I’ve yet to claim
on your behalf

3 of your handkerchiefs
I use them only to cover my mouth
when I imagine kissing you

your heavy white comforter
It smells nothing of you now,
but has lived up to its purpose

your boxer shorts i’m wearing
too small for you
but just right for me

the mp3 player
a christmas present from you
my proud proof of a messiah

a 2 x 2 ID picture, a mile-wide smile
pulls a corner of my lips
just enough to say- I’m ok

our bottle of hygienic alcohol
of which our hands
used to smell of after sex

a glass-full of 25 centavo coins
your heirloom to me
the day before you left

a digital clock that changes color
we set the alarm 3 hours
before your flight

143 dvd titles
all for second viewing
while you are away

and 3 little words,
in my cellphone inbox
if you still remember, dearest.