I have posted more drafts than actual... posts

It's saturday and I'm having a really good cup of coffee compliments of the boss. My new phone has an FM Radio feature and I've just started using it last night. A little earlier, I started to rationalize why I'm doing this since I've expressed quite clearly (to friends and non-friends alike) that I do not listen to the radio. I simply do not. So why am I now?

No, I haven't fallen prey to the two-faced produce of human ingenuity but because I've opened my ears(?) to music, even its funny imitations. My one-time ex once asked me about some band I obviously didn't know about and interrupted himself saying : Oh I forgot, you'r e not musically exposed.

So there, I'm listening because I would like to somehow broaden my musical knowledge, if at all possible. Now what have I learned in the last 4 hours of radio-listening?

Well, 1st, there are versions of almost every original including Des'ree's "LIFE" in disco beats and a Tagalog version of Rihanna's "UMBRELLA". You heard me right, and I grinned like an idiot in the jeepney while waiting for the chorus anticipating an "Ikaw na nga aking payong yong yong pa yong yong yong pa..." but it was a "di ka na mababasa nde nde nde nde di ka na mababasa" or something like that. I don't know which one is worse yet.

Anyway I'm still listening and hoping for Placebo, the Cardigans, the Beatles or by some miracle they might play Bjork...but that destroys the whole point of listening since I'd be singing songs of these artists in my head while I wait in (probably false) hope.Oh well, I might as well switch to my player.