The Devil, Haha

The devil has raven wings

collects passport stamps

coins and playboy magazines

The devil comes



The devil turns to stone

when you look him in the eye

The devil turns to water

when you touch him with your eyes

The devil misses you

and doesn’t tell you

when he comes back

The devil loves you

Oh he does, he says he does

You think he does

The devil does not drink

The devil doesn't smoke

The devil works out

The devil is vegetarian

The devil is catholic.

The devil is a born again christian

The devil likes to pounce

at you in the kitchen, from behind,

do you with your apron on

The devil likes to fuck

The devil wants to fuck

The devil loves to fuck

The devil likes to be fucked

The devil wants to be fucked

The devil loves to be fucked

The devil doesn’t wear a condom

The devil writes about you

The devil writes about himself

writes history, writes himself

into your history

The devil calls you at noon,

drunk and so true, asks you

“so... what're you wearing?”

The devil sings to you on the phone

and you pretend he’s right there

with you in the dark.

The devil is there. In the dark.

The devil thinks you’re beautiful

from a distance

and especially when you frown.

The devil thinks you’re perfect

Your body’s perfect

Just perfect.

The devil's voice is tender

in the movies,

asks you “are you’re ok?”

The devil’s voice is sweet

in the movies,

says “you look so beautiful”

The devil’s voice trembles

in bed

and promises love for ever

The devil dances with you

in the dark

behind closed locked doors

The devil holds your hand


under sheets

under pressure

The devil is not here.


The devil says thank you

And thank you

And only thank you


The devil is a boy

is a man

is a boy

is a girl

is a woman

is a girl

is a man

is a woman

is a girl

is a boy

is a child

The devil lies, lies, lies

and fingers your heart

like a happy meal toy

The devil sleeps

The devil snores

The devil dreams alone

and has nightmares that end in:

I love you baby!

The devil laughs

when you’re not there:


The devil laughs at you