the dogs have woken me up again
Midnight and they’ve ganged up
on another one
Five mad growls
and one yelping
This was no dream though,
they were outside my door
and I heard a thump on it
after the ruckus

5 months ago,
I woke you with a shout
I was bitten.
We’d just broken up
and I’d dreamed one of them
had attacked me
I sank in your embrace
You cried and said:
I love you baby

Now, they've gone,
the lone dog has gone too,
the sound of it, at least
I imagine it sprawling
by the door,
swathed in a warm blanket of blood,
silky under the moon.

The door is still
and the dogs have stopped barking
Midnight is quiet again
From my bed, I take a last look
at the door and wait
With raw ears, I listen
I pray for a thump of a different kind
until I fall asleep again

the dog lies in a pool
of red silk.