the whimsical suicidal

Peel off your shadow
from a bathroom wall
See if it is
as flimsy as mine,
like toilet paper, one ply

It's the only way to do it
I'll tell you why

Wash it off with water,
splash all you can
it will linger like rust
on an old tin can-
twenty years and more

Scrub it clean,
with your toothbrush
sideways or up and down
but like the yellow
on your teeth, dear
you're gonna have to frown

Wipe it off
with a towel
and it will shine ever more
like your nose on a Sunday
a polished pinball

But peel off your shadow
with your unclipped nails,
Slowly like a pill bottle label

Spit on it and nudge on it
until you make a tip
and lift

and peel it off




Peel off your shadow
and see if it is
as flimsy as mine
like toilet paper, one ply

Did I mention my shadow was white?