Why are you sad? Michel asked his heart.

Because I am.

Once upon a time, the world had lucky days, one for each person. In these days, one is gifted with extraordinary things. They come in many forms; power, wealth, love, even magic and they come in very precise manifestations. But because there are billions of people in the world,only those names remembered by the wandering purple turtle get their lucky days. Some, when they are as young as babies, and others, when they are holding on to their last breaths, and the rest, of course, in between. One can never guess if they ought to have one. It just happens, and it can happen to anyone. The people who get lucky days are called "the remembered", for the wandering purple turtle remembered their names and inscribed them on his gigantic purple shell. The coming of the great purple turtle and the time of giving is a mystery ,for this turtle is as big as a city and has the power to hide himself under the night sky. It's underside is the only part of itself that is not purple for there shines the color of night and is dotted with stars that do not twinkle, sand crystals that remained from its billion-year-old terrestrial origins.

Michel is one of the remembered, but he doesn't know it yet.