Joyeux Noel et bonne anee!

*GUMPTION/creature photoshoot at Gorordo Ave., photo by Ape Bagares.

Bonjour. Since I was the first to arrive in the office for the first time (except of course for the security guard), I had time to walk around the production area, pee on the wall outside (upstairs office still locked shut) and yes, blog. So here I am, 3 days til Christmas- starving, hysterical, naked... Work has taken my days but I seem to have been living in my head the past weeks, doing my job in silence, the great observer striking again, this time with heightened senses for the dumb, the stupid, and the utterly moronic (aren't those all synonyms?). I've infected the office ipod with enough bjork to raise some eyebrows and I've done a performance for my officemates too, with the expected awkwardly surprised effects. In the past weeks of being unable to post, these are the things that I did or (did not do) and happened (or did not happen)and since it's Christmas season, I'll end at number 25:
1. continued with my french classes (excuse the occasional use of the said language, just practicing)
2. attended 4 parties, 2 for each of the companies I was and am connected with.
3. did the photoshoot with Ape Bagares for the GUMPTION show and the Creature Performance.
4. did two versions of the Bubble boy performance:

one at Turtle's Nest for GUMPTION opening night

and one at Outpost for Peacetahan 07

5. thought of 2 stories to write and some fables
6. said "i love you's" and meant it.
7. had a notably fantastic orgasm. (sorry, had to write that down, peace)
8. bought stuff for myself in seriously selfish proportions
9. watched "stardust" and cried.
10. been around Ludo and Jacques for huge doses of life vitamins.
11. was a judge at Pasko sa UP's (cebu) lantern-making and office-decor competition.
12. lost some weight.
13. been attending the dawn masses with TJ.
14. missed yesterday's mass. (bye bye wish)
15. received an email from Sir Roy.
16. did the decors for the office and the stage backdrop design for the party. (rolling eyes)
17. agreed to help Jacques with his exhibit this january.
18. bought really cool pants for a can-you-believe-it-price of 5o PESOS. (ukay of course, yes I do ukay)
19. was tagged but didn't do it. (sorry chei)
20. got an mp3 player.
21. bought the magic 8 ball and gave it as a birthday gift.
22. been crazy over this video.
23. missed French class yesterday
24. planning to go to Siargao anytime during the Christmas break.
25. Freaking out over this whole Christmas thing...and I'm not even a Christian.
Big HUG for everyone. Peace and Love. Super perfundo on the early eve of your day!