1. too lazy to go shower and get ready for work so I'm blogging instead.
2. infinitely grateful to these two French people: Ludo and Jacques
3. learning french, 3rd session this friday.
4. going to start learning ballet by january 2008
5. playing a role in a short film. robber.
6. wearing black boxers my mother bought me.
7. listening to a selmasong: a new world
8. still sick with the flu.
9. moving out by january also.
10. sill sleepy actually.
11. listening to another selmasong: scatterheart.
Might use this to replace the pretentious "bw"
12. keeping it in because it's not worth it anymore.
13. saying this for the last time, the POST BEFORE THIS WAS FICTION.
14. dead or alive by june, I am or at least, I was.
15. getting my hair cut after work.
16. going to unplug this laptop and go get ready any sec now.
17. thinking I should end this list in the no.of the date of my birthday.
18. going, going, gone.

humabol ang "unison" vespertine-bjork. which reminds me: Liyo are you ok?