This is not the destination, this cafe. This is only a pit stop. Tomorrow, Sir Roy's Despidida will commence at Turtle's Nest. After work, I shall walk to get there and dress up like the president while lip syncing to "Innocence" for my performance. Sir Roy gave me four books and I borrowed his MontBlanc pen once ,after a show at Tapas Lounge, lost track of it, then finally found it on a shelf-

This Saturday I leave for Manila to watch the FAME show with KC's angels: Ms Stela, Ms Christy, and my dear Hanut Hana. When I get back in the evening, I will rush to the USC Retreat House for the Faigao Workshop and stay there til Sunday.

Monday and Hive will be transplanted to Mandaue, in a large warehouse amongst this derelict Christian tenement named "windows to heaven".

This is only a pit stop. There is no destination. Constantly depart and arrive.

Thus says the brown envelope.

(Excuse this post, I am entranced by my axis, temporarily knocked off my orbit.)

Super Perfundo on the early eve of your day.