Late Update

I've had three subsequent weekends out of the city since that winged wind-riding stint. And these are the primary reasons why this blog seems to be lacking in the number of average posts of late. I got back from Olango Island yesterday. Thanks to the sultry Ms.Bambi Beltran who invited us (Little Buddhas Liyo and Chai, and Josh) over her house/yacht garage by the sea that shrunk the city into harmless infinitesimal lights. Call me lucky, blessed, or just in the more positive turn of the wheel, I know I should be and am indefinitely grateful for these little breaks of quietness in smiles. As if nature's hand is patting on my back, at intervals of weeks, reminding me that some things are good. Things like swimming at night in an utterly silent beach, meals outdoors with wine and home-cooked food and great company and stories, dancing, going mad in the rain, shouting with the thunder, finding a hermit crab a new home he never liked, walking through a cemetary seeing bones bones and bones, yellow bells on plates, stinky cheese, puppies, little yellow birds and big white ones, TA TI TA TA. ;)

Today, back in the matrix, I start at HIVE. It's the sister company of Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc where I used to work part-time during college. I intend to go part-time with my office-mates at Villazzo. This progress I've missed to post in detail about due to the past awe-stricken weeks. So yeah, new job, with one of my teachers again, in a company I'm more familiar with.

This weekend, I shall yet again be separated from the city but this time. without having to leave it. I've submitted my poetry for the Cornelio Faigao Memorial Creative Writing Workshop this year. Let's hope this time, they won't have to be so awkwardly quiet after reading my poems and actually have something good or instructive to say about it.

Super Perfundo everyone.