Illuminating Episodic Incoherencies: Russ

For a while now I've been thinking of going to the coasts and visiting the sea, to remind me that there is a horizon and much more beyond. I looked up resorts and places I could stay in while I'd do that but it seemed to destroy the point. Planning it would just box in everything into phrases like "weekend getaway" or words like "outing" or "adventure" and that is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to be taught, disciplined, silenced by nature-the universe. I hesitated but I did it anyway.
Last Saturday, I decided to go-without a plan. I sent for aid from my little buddhas, Chai and Liyo, and went to a place one of us only knew- from a dream. With two other windriders, July and JC, we slept on the steps of a cliff. Spotlighted by the moon and caressed by ocean's paws. Liyo thanked me for letting him in on my wild bright ideas. For me, it wasn't an impulsive call for an existential celebration, it was a pacification of my incoherencies. It was a need, not a rush of desire, clamoring to be satisfied. Out of breath, I was desperately clambering and I needed only the wisdom of the ancients to revive me: sun and moon, sea and sky.