P.S. Please don't haunt me

I went to the cemetery today and found a 21 year old girl named Michelle. She died this April. I promised her I'd try to live my life for the both of us. I don't know how she died or why but I guess at 21, it's a bit too early to go.

My last post gave me the idea of going to the cemetary but since I could not find a grave for ALL my troubles, I figured I'd do something more realistic, that would give me a fresh perspective on this rather old setting. So, Michelle, be you in heaven or wherever in the universe, even if your situation there is better than mine or not: here's to our life here on earth.

I left her a note scribbled on today's page torn out of my unused diary. Her tomb was beneath three others.

On my way home, I passed by two little girls, one running after the other. The girl ahead said "Hinahabol ako ni Sergio..at ikaw si Fulgoso!"

Go Marimar.