Of comfort zones and "the Anchor Song"

8:52 and I'm having breakfast at the office. Yes, breakfast, a real morning breakfast complete with a hot drink. Yesterday, the world came crashing down on me and now the sun greets me with a warmth only instant noodles with Vera can contest.

Below is a photo of the creature wrecking havoc at Tapas Lounge, the unfortunate victim: siren in recovery. This was taken months ago on the night of Per4ma's rebirth into XO?.

Although the performance was about the incoherences of identity, and the primary purpose of such was a display of otherworldly visuals (which I think was a good attempt but an attempt nonetheless) to present a rather unidentifiable activity or presence, the original idea was the betrayal of our comfort zones. Entitled "Who is it?" taken from the title of a song in Bjork's Medulla album, with a chorus "Who is it that never let you down? Who is it that gave you back your crown?", the performance elucidates on the parasitic effects of the idea of the comfort zone whereby a certain degree of dependence to it can lead to a form of bondage and ultimately- existential paralysis.

Anyway, I've been thinking of finding a place by the sea, where I can hear waves and see a sunrise on a horizon of green or blue (though this maybe an offshoot of the featured bjork song of the moment (refer to sidebar) which has been playing in my head for over four days now.(Practically) traveling to the office hasn't bothered me at all, I even enjoyed my trip this morning. Whereas, I'd be enjoying the proximity of the house or any room in the city after the office moves to IT Park, I'd still be suffering from this claustrophobia.

photo courtesy of tapaslounge.multiply.com