negative episode (for yesterday)

I paid a guy 100 pesos for a previously reserved seat on the bus last night. It was fully-booked so I took the name of a certain “Rey Chua” whom the seat was reserved for. Mr. Chua, wherever you are, thank you, not the best ride home I’ve had but a ride nonetheless. A ride away from J and his schizophrenia, out of Bacolod, out of “sense”, out of “ok-ness”. I’ve gone home prematurely and there are a million things in my head, challenging the intensity of the rain that greeted my arrival.

There was a match between me and myself inside that bus too, I think we both lost.

I come home to uncertainty, to old old troubles, and clouded memory and a much awaited post that says I-have-forgotten-you.

And also upon my return, three studs and a boy who has outgrown me. Icing on the rancid cake that is my life.

Super Perfundo. Come and watch the XO? show “1+ 9/11” on Wednesday 10 pm at Tapas Lounge, Crossroads Arcade, Banilad.