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I was tagged by Vera Leigh.

Here are the rules for “8 facts”:
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1.The 3-foot tall yellow ochre toad- my only incredible story. I saw one when I was 11. It blinked and rapidly stuck out its tongue and back for a flying insect

2. I won in a "who can pick fish crackers using chopsticks the fastest?" once.

3. I enjoy odd smells found inside of my mouth; food particles between teeth taken from flossing, gum blood mixed with toothpaste foam, and very seldom, the contents of a bad tooth. I also have a thing for smelling toenail dirt and ear wax.

4. I think I CAN be polyamorous.

5. I've only bathed in a tub once, and I wasn't alone.

6. I've tried eating the red wax of the quezo de bola. Thought it looked yummy.

7. The last time I ate at Larsian, I kept gagging because of the following visuals related to hands: calamansi juice and seeds on slicer's hands, collected water below the water dispenser for washing hands, and diner at the next table eating with his hands.

8. I've made porn(starring myself) for a special someone (only).

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