I found this creature in my room:

I thought I was dreaming, still asleep in the real world, so I took a picture of it unafraid. It didn't seem to move a lot anyway, it just stood there blocking the door with an odd smile. It didn't want me to get out, I suppose. Then I found out I wasn't dreaming when my phone beeped and saw that I could read the message over and over with the exact same words and spellings.
This creature was real.

Of course, the initial shock of the homosexual startled the poor creature which made it move like an agent in a Matrix film. And while it did, it squeaked out a number of questions so quickly, the sentences were overlapping. Questions like: "who are you?/what is your name?/are you good or are you evil?/where did you come from?/what time is it?/etc. The only thing to do was take more pictures, I wasn't sure if it was really asking me or just malfunctioning (that time I thought it was some sort of artificial intelligence). Then it stopped:

Though uncertain about the creature's smile, I still introduced myself : "My name is Russ". No response. Palpitations all over the place, I talked some more, just to distract myself from shaking. It listened:

The creature never interrupted me to either stop me from talking or talk back. And when I did stop, it made these little cat-like sounds, like it was purring for more. I talked about everything, from that 3-foot toad I saw in grade school, my hardcore experience in organized religion, the batman and robin story, and even my sex life (it didn't seem to mind). After a while I got tired so I asked it a question: What are you anyway?
"I am a RARE SAMOS GUILT SNAIL". So you're a snail?, I asked. "I am a RARE SAMOS GUILT SNAIL. I can only be found in Samos, it's in Greece." Oh ok, I said. After that, it didn't say anything else. So I took the camera and asked if I could take another picture.
It smiled:

It disappeared along with the flash and left little scrabble tiles floating against the door, the tiles read: RARE SAMOS GUILT SNAIL. I reached for them but the magic that made them float went away with the creature. Looking down to pick them up I read:

And I thought I was Icarus from Crete all this time.