This is the situation:

I have grown
my own version of you
inside me
While you were away,
I've been running a dictatorship
“you stay there” I always say,
You unspoken dream-

and you have been fairly obedient
We were ok.

Creature to creature,
we argue from time to time
You’d run away
from your designated space
and you’d manage
to get out- sometimes
in liquid states, through my eyes

“I love you”
But you leave anyway,
a trickle down my cheeks.

I turn blue sometimes,
for days and weeks,
when you'd be gone
I lose redness
like blood out of slit wrists
I would die and be reborn
upon your return

“you are my resurrection”
and you’d sit back in your corner,
good son, stiff-thin

Recently, you’ve left again
And for the first time:
reports of your whereabouts
Perhaps it's started, the drought:
El Niño’s begun,
a tear couldn’t be noticed
so easily.

“I guess I need to see you”
But you’ve changed-
metamorphosed into a body

You’re here. And you’re real again.