You think you're better than me?

I just woke up. I spent the night thinking about what to do in the next show. Apparently Roy has managed to agitate my ego til it said those words James taught me. I tried to think of something but I ended up dancing to “unravel” again and thinking “I just want to dance” and writing “let me be”. So whatever happens in the next show, I don’t care if it doesn’t take on his challenge like the last time. Let my art evolve on its own pace. Yes, everything involves politics and messages have to be sent clearly but that is not my concern, my art is the only part of me relentlessly bent on not shutting myself up, and not shutting myself up, intelligible or not, is my biggest concern…for now.
Get over the sorrow, girl. The world is always going to be made of this...Get over it.
-"Pneumonia", Volta