Lessons on the bus: lines and thoughts

Since you've left, I’ve lost another point of reference.

Yes…but I have been to more places in my head than you’ve ever been in yours.

I haven’t forgiven God and myself, among other people, and I don’t know how to.

…and the intentions were pure…-Volta

(In the manifest) Name: Rufus Sewell, Address: Earth

When we die we, our spirits split into two, one is reincarnated, the other watches the reincarnation and becomes God to our next selves.

Bodhisattva, babaylan…

Io sono Russ.

+I love your eyes, my dear+They're splendid sparkling fire+When suddenly you raise them so+To cast a swift embracing glance+Like lightning flashing in the sky+But there's a charm that is greater still+When my love's eyes are lowered+When all is fired by passion's kiss+And through the downcast lashes+I see the dull flame of desire

Love is never enough, you should know that.

What’s the lesser of two evils, if a suicide bomber made to look pregnant manages to kill her target or not? – Volta

I wish to be found. – Irwin Cuz, 30, journalist, Madrid, Spain (Colors)