But the intentions were pure...

Since there isn't a lot to say about "la puta libertad" with this picture, I will not dwell on that subject til I get more extensive and/or interesting photos to post with.

Recently, I have but yet again witnessed the extent people bring themselves to when they think they've fallen in love. My little social experiment has been put to a close since I resigned from the crap-job of taking calls. One observation has lead me to identify a certain effect one subject has shown symptoms of:

The Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome

One minute they love you but if their expressed loves comes unreciprocated for some time, they lunge at you like some berserker giant cyclops, salivating with anger holding a giant club with skulls in one hand and in the other, a fistful of hair they've pulled out in frustration towards your silence.

Anyway, this is boring. I'm gonna go to bed now. Super Perfundo!