Red, black, and you (for chai)

Red is the color
of your blackness
You wear it
like make-up.
Leaving lipstick
on every collar
you fascinate
and bewilder.

A wild rose,
nail-thorned, elusive
A prick, from you
drains out more
redness from
any other thorn.
Your leaves are
serrated with doubt.

To touch you
is viral, is fatal.
Red flower, red gaze,
terrible in beauty
and spite.
Bleeding petals,
deepening red
into black.

Black tongue,
black heart,
black bowling ball
of a soul
No flower,
carries such weight
Blood drunk,
sniff redness

wits and woes
seize your
Let black
be black
and red
be you.

Lay, rest
the author
of your wounds
Wipe off the make-up
and nestle
with petunias
the onion patch.