A flock of condors on easter island, a little too late isn’t it? Let me wander a bit some more.

I wanted her to stop singing as much as I wanted a new camera, clothes, shoes, an ipod and a place. VERA STOP SINGING was the tune in my head, like it was sung by linkin park. Ironic huh? What is irony anyway, or what constitutes being ironic…

Art fort sale at After Hours Tapas Lounge! A parlor-turned-bar-at-night and now a gallery? Well, if the art looks like merchandise then it must be true. Lose a title card or two, roll up the artist’s posters and hide it behind a painting and voila! You’ve got yourself an exhibit!

Sometimes, I get this I’m-being-used feeling --- hail holy queen, the saint smites me with a plastic lightning bolt and hits me on the forehead! Hey, it’s not his fault, I don’t have a good heart but this muscled athlete who brags about his allowance has one, even if it’s as hard as his fist… or his boner.

Abdul? Is that you? Tell me now why I can’t look you in the eye. One more look and I would’ve cried.

My nose is too big and my head too sharp at the tip. My hands shake like I have parkinson’s disease and I have pimples for a beard.

I drew an old man at school today. I said I didn’t want to get as old as him. When I’m old, I want to be able to dance, even if that freaked people out.

Perform dire. Perform ngadto. Perform perform perform. Sige’g perform. What the hell can I do? Mao man gyud na.

Tell me, honestly, AM I REALLY LEARNING ANYTHING NEW IN THIS STATE UNIVERSITY?!? I don’t want to study some more right now but at the rate my education is going, I think I need more education and I mean more.

Whoa! Sure son! When you get a job, you can install air-conditioning in your room! My my that would be lovely! ---Ok, so you mean I’m-a-staying here for like FOREVER?

Every day I see you. You get out of this house and it’s all glorious and shit. And you stay out and it sucks. Now you have a lead role in a play and you might become a newscaster on the radio. Thought bubble? THOUGHT BUBBLE.

I went home because I was tired. I am tired. I am tired of the things we do to hide. Mark my words, this maybe if not the only cause of our parting.

Blahblahblah. Januar this, Januar that. Bisrock. bisrock. bisrock. Hongkong. Ester Tapia. Tonton. Balak. 1 peso plane tickets. You’re happy for me right?? God forbid I’ll start talking about getting fucked and being happy and you’d have something so fragrantly pleasant to say about it.

You’re welcome daw. Sabi niya. Who invented that seemingly amiable yet almost obligatory exchange of remark? Wait a minute- she’s the only one who actually replied! For your “you’re welcome” then, I say thank you, miss.

I should go to bed.