Until now,
I wonder

Why you chose
to stay angry
after I brought
your heavy watch
back from my classmate
I got it back didn’t I?
I was a high school freshman.

Why you remained cross
after you opened the door
and saw
I was in the bathroom
and you thought
I’ve left the lights on again.
I was bursting my pimples.

Why you said you knew
and that you’d beat me up
at school, if you had to.
But I never got acquainted
with your fist.
By that time,
I was out and about.

But I -
I also remember

How your eyebrows
desperately wanted to meet
as much as you
must have wanted
me to be straight
everytime you forced
your eyes on me.

How you held
that little painting I did
into that morning’s rays
Your grip was as tight
as your neck
as you growled and said
it was of the devil.

I wonder, Pa
but I remember.
I wonder again
and I forget.