Jambalaya and some parmesan on Filipino spaghetti

Red slipper strap marks on my feet. The first season of "Prison Break". A belt for Vera. A journal and a body spray in a treasure box for yen. TJ's Spider-man web-shooting gloves and mask and his birthday on the 15th of December, us 4 -his last stop. The 16th to the 24th-nine mornings and nine churches, the eighth I cried in,the ninth and last one I almost missed. Mcdonald's-Castle Peak Hotel-Rajah Park Hotel (with Chai)-Julie's Bakeshop-EastWest-Cafe Teatro-Sbarro's-SM-Ayala-more Mcdonald's with my little buddhas. Videoke til 3:30 am. Two e-mails, one I didn't dare continue reading. Sneaking out at 1 am, leaving by 10 am. Cetaphil, baby oil, Gucci Rush, and Calvin Klein shirts. A bottle of Martinelli's. California Red and White wine for the holidays. Christmas party in white boxers, a white shirt and reindeer horns. A broken camera. A possessed celphone. J's box. J in France. The best and longest international call I've ever had. 3 promises that left with 2006. Random phone pics on this post. 60 ++ text messages. Bastards on cameras. Bastards on wheels, honking horns at 3 pm. red, black, white, yellow room. Me as "the little thing". Me as "the crazy ex-boyfriend". Me as "rebellious gay son". Me as "dumb student at studio". Me as "my little girl". Me as boy wonder. Me as Batman. Me as Icarus. Me as "the masked dancer". Borat. Ang Pamana(The Inheritance). Shake Rattle and Roll. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah(check spelling please) with Rustom Padilla and Alfred Vargas. Dogville I've yet to see. SOlO Exhibit on the 28th of February. Februar, Vera's boyfriend. An empty flask. A basket of fake flowers and home-made porn. Saliva. Broken mouse. Mice in room. Ants on the dining table. Santa with cotton bud earplugs. Ma's new laughing grandson. My brother and his box. My other brother and the box in his head. Four artworks for next week. Lost keys. Keychain lost. Three new bags. Kafka, Woolfe, and Kerouac. Jersey Girl, The Hills have Eyes, Jarhead. Smelly dog by the front door. Hale, Franz Ferdinand, Nouvelle Vague, Erratica, Usher, Madonna, and Tibetan monks. Starting Over and Save the Last Dance for Me. Digital hugs. Digital peace. Fakeness unleashed. Indifference with extra ice. Black and white closet. Good-hearted spoiled brats bragging allowances over paychecks. Turtle or Dog. Fireworks and firecrackers. Michael Scoffield. LJ and Lincoln Burrows. Color-changing alarm clock. This is what my heart sounds like.