Hey look! It's me!

I found myself on a page of the local daily today, a full body shot(not this picture) of the chinese garter Mindworks opening performance I did with Greys and Harvey. It's actually quite embarrassing seeing yourself occupy that much space in a newspaper.
Eyes to the clouds. Blink blink.
I've been repeatedly watching "Babel" and saw it win a Golden Globe just a while ago. One of those rare times I get to see Award shows and agree with whichever award-giving body is producing it. I love Babel, especially the Japanese girl's story. Quietness and noise mixed up like how they mixed five languages and still rise above that confusion into the towering film that it is. I have this unusual liking to that scene where the Moroccan vet was stitching Cate Blanchette's character's bullet wound and Cate shouted like the real thing was happening to her. Very Nice. I look forward to seeing more good movies this year.
By the way, Borat's Sasha Cohen won best actor for a musical or comedy. Great Success!