from dereliction

Derelict, your arms
attached to a camera
A snapshot,
just before your elbows fall
and meet into a “V”
for valedictorian or Venus
or vagabond or vomit

Your teeth remind me
of bums along Gorordo Ave.
where we used to walk,
where you used to walk
head to the ground
like a three-horned-

you take a picture
of yourself
taking a picture
In a party, perhaps-
With a Bacardi bottle sticker
on the mirror

I wouldn’t recognize you
If you’d put your name
on your name tag
I would tell you
I might, if I looked harder,
know you-

Derelict, these arms
from a dereliction
fingers scattered
on the screen
like hungry lizards
on a light bulb,
transluscent, pink

Derelict, this you
trapped in a mirror
Your eyes hide behind
a mechanical eyeball,
silver and cold,
like the faraway land-
of your smile.