A real, trouble-less valentine. I would've settled for a bottle of wine opened by the roadside but I got China and it wasn't so bad.

I've sent my background information to wicked and they've replied with my audition schedule. Tantantan. Suddenly I'm a son of theatre again, after the boss lends me a pirated copy of Les Mis. He would hate it, he would give me a stare of both ridicule and disgust everytime I'd sing a piece of the libretto. And he would give me water after a kiss overhead, like spider-man.

And we think that it'll be over soon, that this whole mess will come to a balance, a stability of sorts. There is no such thing. Life isn't a mathematical equation.

I have burgundy on my shelf and a bottle of sparkling apple juice.

The wine glass stands beside the monitor as if a butler waiting at me.

I wanted to run to him yesterday, jump up to him in a hug. There is a power in his smile.