Coated Signals

I'm thinking about the e-mail I've chosen not to read until a month after it got into my mailbox. It was dated Nov. 23rd so I guess I'm gonna read it two days before Christmas, just enough time to do decide what to do when the big day comes. The past 48 hours have been interesting enough despite of the complacency and procrastination I've sinfully indulged myself with within that period of time, two days merged into a continuous stretch of minutes and hours with the viscosity of honey. I've decided to complete the nine mornings with TJ , so I'm on my third tomorrow, third mass and third church. Funny we had the same idea of completing the 9 mornings in 9 different churches. I've ben sort of humming the days away, I'm beginning to think I'm commiting the sin of ommission. My mornings starting tomorrow will be spent at ICI producing photos and in the afternoons, I shall be working on my thesis and the artworks. I still have only two so far, the ones I presented at the defense. I really need to get moving. Rent money still isn't here and that's been my only logical reason so far why I can't start producing works. However, come tomorrow, I will work on a piece and I won't forgive myself ever if I don't so much as make a study.
Chocolate-coated peanuts for dinner, the dream of a tossed giant white flag, and an embrace. Finally, touch. This time, I shall be the crowbar. Super Perfundo.