After Closer

Mindworks 21 is done. That's that. Watching "Closer" could be one of my consolations for doing my part of the job. I won the painting exhibit competition for "Labels" and the 3rd prize for my installation of a rainbow flag on the ground squared in by a caution line. So the movie's done so I switch to the Internet. I guess I realized just now how similar the movie's charcaters situations were compared to mine. Lines I may have said or may have been said to me to the exact words. I want my hair red again but I wanna stay quiet not just with the way I look but on other expressions of myself. I haven't read the last email for reasons I can no longer tell. Back on a jeepney this afternoon, I remembered my Spider-man hanky, that hanky that rocked my boat in a perfect storm thre fucked up years ago. Then I remembered Peter Parker's hand on a text message,I didn't think he would be 25 and with a headtail. And that he'd fit perfectly in my little mandala of buddhas. Whatever it is, it's coffee when you need it, a cab when you're late, 4 "are you ok"s in 10 minutes, and a good night greeting after a day of utter frustration and exhaustion. I bought 7 dvds from Prof. Karl's pirated dvd collection, one I just watched now. Natalie Portman and her red hair and that scene where Julia Roberts takes her picture. Now that mindworks is done and the only thing playing on the dvd is the root menu, I guess I should think about working my ass off again, this time for my exhibit. I don't know if I can get my studio space this month. I don't know if they'll ever let me go. But I'll live. I believe I found the Russ who walked down the basketball court back in high school. He's here. A queen perhaps, crazy maybe, and a boy, of wonder or not.
I'll be back in the office this monday. Somehow, I miss taking those pictures alone in the studio. It would be good if it would be my real job after graduation, otherwise, I dunno. Which is good...I think. I slept around Ayala this afternoon after lunch at Sbarro's and a haircut at Salon de Rose. I was lucky to have a good barber, he was nice. He didn't do much but at least he didn't mess me up. I made it to school only to go home coz I still felt awkwardly exhausted. I may get into trouble after this post. Super Perfundo and good evening.