unknown celebration

I went out an hour before midnight to "save" vera and wait for Yen and Tj to show up. the wandering boy, escort to goddess divine, ended up at tonic. Now I haven't the slightest idea what that bar's reputation is but I did like the visuals there; nice-looking white chairs (though not very comfortable), familiar but very old house music, possibly interesting interiors, and a beautiful menu with prices going all the way down to 40 pesos(the best part). Spotted a guy, probably a teenager, but he went home before I could make a move...bummer.
Chai was in the concert hall yesterday, saw her dancing to Bambu with Kristoff. This is the part where my psychiatrist would say: How'd that make you feel? I don't know, really. Vera and I talked about her and ended up talking about God and I ended up in a quandary asking myself "how the heck do I feel about God anyway?". I've been praying and doing my rounds on spiritual avenue (well, sort of..hihi) but I never really got to ask myself that. It left me feeling a little stupid.
The cause of last night's fiesta obliviata (note: no such phrase exists) remains which, in turn, becomes the cause for this post. I have reason to believe it may well be one of these:
  • victory of the democrats. yahoo!
  • the initial action toward an interest
  • finally having these two girls out for DRINKS (and I'm not talking about warm ones)
  • being and nothingness. toink
  • my eventual relocation
  • the much clearer drift

I don't have anything to yak about now. Best to stop. Super Perfundo.